Low Key Saturday, Writing Updates


Saturday, pancakes and bacon, and hoping the intermittent rainstorms will beat off some of the heat. It cooled a bit and then got real humid until the clouds broke again in the afternoon. Can never have too much rain in these hot spells so I don’t mind it.

On another topic, I wanted to say a big CONGRATS to my Nana, who is an artist and who got a blue ribbon first place prize for her pastel drawings recently, at a regional gallery showing in Massachusetts. Her work is gonna make the rounds in that area for a bit. If I get a link to one of the showings I’ll share it with you.

Tales of the Republic

After cleaning something like 30 pounds of junk out of the drawers in the office–an experience I always find similar to shedding a wet jacket–I exchanged a few more emails with the cover guy working on the TALES covers. They came together fast and the art we chose really nails the tone I was looking for. You’re going to love them, but I can’t show them quite yet.

My editor has the manuscript for another couple weeks yet, but it’s a good feeling to finally have the covers ready. I’ll probably stop talking about TALES so I don’t bore you while the manuscript is out. Getting the covers checked off is a huge relief though, since I had a couple missteps along the way.

Short Stories

While TALES is out I’ve been working on short fiction.

Today I sent the week 2 assignment for the Short Story Workshop. It’s called CENTURION, and it’s about a boy adjusting to life on a new alien frontier, and the new friend he makes when he falls into trouble with a belligerent pterodactyl thing. It’s about 3700 words.

I’m still hacking at another short story whose WIP title is WENDIGO. That one isn’t for an assignment, but I’m 1200 words into it and i know exactly how it ends. It’s much darker than CENTURION. If it doesn’t go long I’ll send that one out to markets too-it will be a great fit for any dark urban fantasy markets, and maybe even horror.

I have four or five other short stories in various states of being. One might get put out under a pen name because it’s so wildly different from my usual. Another few just need to be rewritten, or workshopped.

One or two probably just need to be thrown out.

I’ll be putting these stories through the short fiction submission ringer before I look at self publishing them, but the workshop seems to push me to work faster, so hopefully that means more in the pipeline. A couple of recent stories have been completed in 2-3 days. If I can learn to repeat that, I’ll have a lot more to share.

And now…

Shelly and I are going to see the new Jason Bourne movie! My favorite rainy day activity, watching CIA-trained killers beat up the bad guys.

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