Culture Shock

The Gunn Files Book 1

Experience the start of The Gunn Files, a Science Fiction Mystery that will have you wondering if aliens truly walk among us. Run with smart-aleck bounty hunter Anderson Gunn as he discovers an alien underworld in Austin, TX.
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The Gunn Files Continues

Award-Winning Narrator Oliver Wyman delivers a smash hit performance with Culture Shock. And don't miss the action-packed sequel! Overdose (Book 2) is up for pre-order and will hit your ereader/earbuds on April 28, 2020.

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Oliver Wyman, the Audie Award-winning narrator of dozens of bestselling SF titles, delivers a smash performance of Anderson Gunn, our smart-aleck bounty hunter who stumbles into an underworld of alien affairs.

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Next time, on The Gunn Files... Gunn can accept that offworlders live among us. Some of them are his friends. But when his buddy Vinny winds up in a coma, the alien underworld tips Gunn's life upside down.

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