New Female Thor Comes with Great Story (and Sales)

Image via Kotaku

I’ve been seeing hints, hoopla, and “backlash” about the new female Thor all over the Twitterverse for several months (the comic was released last October, and STILL people are talking about it). So much so that I almost forgot that it’s possible the some comic book fans out there, who are perhaps too busy eyeing the monochromatic Daredevil adaptation on Netflix, or keeping up with new episodes of The Flash, didn’t know about the character swap at all.

Well fear not. If you’ve missed any of the chatter online about the new female Thor, you can catch up with Kotaku’s incredibly detailed story analysis of how the new hero picked up the hammer.

And in case you were wondering how all the “backlash” turned out, Huffington Post reports that New Feminist Thor Is Selling Way More Comic Books Than The Old Thor. Take that, naysayers!

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