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The Republic: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

The Republic

A hungry nation teeters on the precipice.

Rationing. Protests. Food riots.

The population grows restless as their bellies contract.

A single hope remains to save the country from starvation — a genetically modified miracle entrusted to Commissioner Kai Ming. Ming is only providing transport, but it’s a heavy burden for a lowly civil servant. Even worse when things go sideways and Ming is forced to watch as an unruly mob publicly executes someone he calls a friend.

To avenge his friend’s death and save the country, Ming must make allies in unexpected places and put into motion a devilish plan. The fates may have taken his friend from this world, but they can’t shake his conviction.

Fans of Wool and Dune will enjoy this standalone dystopian novel about a futuristic Republic on the brink of an uprising. Get it now!

Top Reviews

★★★★ “You know an author has you when all it takes is one book and you’re a fan for life. […] An action-packed, nail-biting, dystopian style novel.”
– T. Armstrong, Amazon

★★★★★ “This story is full of surprises! I thoroughly enjoyed the dynamics of each character and trying to determine where they stood in this complex situation between the government and the people. The story was not taken over by the tech, which is always a great thing to me as the story can continue to develop.”
– John J. Knight, Amazon

★★★★★ “Great read! Very well developed characters and imaginative story. Pacing and the plot twists kept me turning pages. Looking forward to reading more by this promising new author!
– Larry in LA, Amazon

★★★★★ “I give this book Five Stars because the story is entertaining, credible and builds quickly in intensity. The plot weaves through acts of conspiracy, betrayal, murder, double-cross and corrupt government officials. The characters are well developed with emotional ties and are interesting to follow. The writing and dialogue are excellent.”
– Don Viecelli, Amazon



Artwork for The Republic

First up, a sketch of the mech vs. protestors battle in Telerethon Square…

Click to enlarge

Next, a sketch of the three main characters by my friend, illustrator, and author Ross Boone.

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The original cover and typography by Kevin Summers, now turned into a wallpaper (note the old version of the title).

Click to download: 2880×1800 | 2560×1440 | 1600×1200

And finally, the deleted scene. You can read the full text online, or download the PDF.