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The Ares Initiative

Endangered by an alien adversary

Archaeologist Eliana Fisk helped expose a false god and end his reign of terror.

Now, he’s coming for the people of Earth.

And he’s hungry for revenge.

When a secret organization tasked with the protection of the planet calls upon Eliana for her help, she gathers her courage to respond to the threat. Unfortunately, it looks like the key to defeating the ancient alien lies buried in the heart of her deepest fears.

Can she overcome her demons in time to save the people she loves most in the world?

The Ares Initiative is a fast-paced science fiction thriller with an edge of the fantastic—a pulse-pounding Hail Mary to save a planet from destruction, and an action-packed battle against a darkly persuasive adversary more powerful and dangerous than the people of Earth can comprehend.

What People Have Said About This Series

★★★★★ “This is a great sci-fi series… Lots of action and suspense in this fast paced book. […] If you like science fiction you will enjoy this series.”
– BP34, Amazon

★★★★★ “You know the saying ‘Never a dull moment’ well that would be these books. I would think I had something kinda figured out, and then I would find out that I was way off. This series is full of surprises, smooth to read, and definitely hard to set down. Highly recommended if you enjoy a good read.”
– Vickie, Amazon review

★★★★★ “I have to say this book and the first one is some of the best science fiction I have read. I am looking forward to the next release. This series is more than amazing. It’s one that grabs you and doesn’t let you go, even when the book ends.”
– Doug Stehr, Amazon



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