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The Alien Element

Drawn by an ancient mystery

The question of how a tribe of ancient Mayans ended up living on a distant planet continues to haunt archaeologist Eliana Fisk, but Amon won’t let her anywhere near the Translocator after what happened last time.

Since a return journey is impossible, she does what archaeologists were born to do, and searches for clues among Mayan ruins on Earth.

What she discovers in the jungle will reveal a mystery far older than she thought possible, with roots winding back through through the centuries … and eventually lead her to an primeval well of power that threatens the safety of both worlds.

The Alien Element is a fast-paced science fiction thriller with an edge of the fantastic—a treacherous quest for answers that becomes a harrowing battle against an ancient adversary beyond imagining.

★★★★★ “This is a great sci-fi series… Lots of action and suspense in this fast paced book. […] If you like science fiction you will enjoy this series.”
– BP34, Amazon

★★★★★ “You know the saying ‘Never a dull moment’ well that would be these books. I would think I had something kinda figured out, and then I would find out that I was way off. This series is full of surprises, smooth to read, and definitely hard to set down. Highly recommended if you enjoy a good read.”
– Vickie, Amazon review

★★★★★ “I have to say this book and the first one is some of the best science fiction I have read. I am looking forward to the next release. This series is more than amazing. It’s one that grabs you and doesn’t let you go, even when the book ends.”
– Doug Stehr, Amazon



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