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New England in Autumn: Day 6

Last day in New England! Today, Shelly and I went into Cambridge to check out Harvard Square and the Harvard campus before catching our plane back to Austin. The rain from the hurricane has blown over and it’s been a surprisingly warm and sunny day for October.

Our flight is this evening, so we’re killing time in a coffee shop now and catching up on a little bit of work before we head up to the airport.

My favorite part of the Harvard campus—apart from peoplewatching, an ever-amusing hobby—was the JFK park. Though he died long before I was born, I grew up hearing about the man, and especially hearing his words through his recorded speeches.

And whatever you might think of JFK and his time as president, his words have echoed long in my mind. Here are the quotes they engraved on the memorial.

Back in Austin tomorrow means the end of vacation, back to work, and best of all back to writing. It’s been a fun trip, but I’m excited to get back to it. There’s work to do.