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Audiobook Recommendation: The Name of the Wind

51hp1ac+k6L._SL300_.jpgI just finished listening to The Name of the Wind on Audible — what a lyrical, beautiful book that is. Rothfuss’s metaphors and similes are music to my ears.

This was my second read through—I read the paperback last fall, and decided I needed to really take my time and listen this time around.

I was listening with my writer’s ear—but Rothfuss’s work has that magic. Even when I’m trying to study the story, I can’t helped but get sucked into it.

The best bit: Siaru accents, like loud, sarcastic Russians. I didn’t laugh nearly as hard reading these lines. In the audiobook version, however, dialogue from the Siaru merchant in charge of the caravan where Kvothe first meets Denna had me doubled over, clutching my stomach. And when Kilvin, with a burned hand, was talking to Kvothe after the fire in the Fishery, and even Kvothe couldn’t tell if Kilvin was joking … instant classic.

Click here to listen to the clip of the Siaru merchant telling Kvothe the many ways he might “get left behind.”

The Name of the Wind Fan art

I also want to take this opportunity to share with you some of my favorite fan art from fans of The Name of the Wind. With the exception of Neil Gaiman, I’ve never known of another author whose fans are so engaged they make TONS of art featuring their characters. I hope one day to write a story that inspires art in this way.

By bchart on DeviantArt
By myques on DeviantArt
By ThatSummersGuy on DeviantArt

I could have included dozens more, but these three caught my eye first and I’ve got to get back to working on a story. You can find more fan art on Pat Rothfuss’s all time favorites list.