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New England in Autumn: Day 1

Shelly and I flew to Boston early this morning! We’re headed up to New Hampshire tomorrow to see the fall colors. Here are a few photos from day 1. It started with beer and burgers, and we got out to Borderland State Park for a little walk. Chinese food for dinner not pictured, but I can assure you it was delicious.

Burgers at Lucy’s Tavern in Boston!
Picnic tables at Borderland state park
Shelly and I next to the little waterfall 🙂
The Ames Mansion at Borderland State Park in Massachusetts

Designs in the sand

I purchased this fine zen garden and populated the empty sandscape with two patterned planets. Thanks to the artist and his invention’s unique ability to occupy a restless mind for a time on a rainy Portland morning some weeks ago.

Right now, the sandscape sits on top of a small cabinet in the office. May it soon find a new home on a fine modern bookshelf, if we can find the right one for the empty wall in that room.

Pictures from Portland, April 2017

I just returned from Portland on Tuesday, a weekend trip filled with family, mostly, and not an insignificant amount of wine.

I took a few photos while I was there of the beautiful country—and the wineries, of course.

It was relaxing and fun. I got to read a book and a half, and see cousins and aunts and uncles I haven’t seen for years, and unplug for a little while.

These grasses abound. The nectar of the gods fills those golden barrels to the brim.