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Mailing list CRASH COURSE for authors (with video)

Here’s the full-length video of the talk I gave on mailing lists yesterday! You can watch it free on the YouTubes.

This video, a description of the event, and the 2 basics videos I posted ahead of time now have their own page at IndieAuthorSociety.com.

If you’re up for learning more about self-publishing and the business of being an author, this talk is the most recent in a series of 17 totally free keynotes on the subject.

It’s been a heck of a Monday getting back into the groove of things, especially after such a busy weekend. I have thoughts to share, but they’ll have to wait for another night.

Great talk, busy day

The talk at Half Price Books today went great! About 20 enthusiastic writers showed up, curious and ready to learn. I answered a bunch of great questions about newsletters and mailing lists, from technical stuff to sales funnels to growth ideas. Here’s a shot of the group from where I was standing just a short while before we got started.

The video is still exporting, which ties up my laptop’s whole processing power, so I’m writing this on my phone while watching TV. Fortunately I got some words in earlier today so I don’t need the computer.

I’ll post video when it’s done, probably tomorrow.

Mailing list CRASH COURSE for authors

I’ll be at Half Price Books in Austin at 4pm tomorrow to give a talk on mailing lists and newsletters for authors for the Indie Author Society. If you’re in town and you’re an author you might find this useful. It’s free to attend. RSVP on Meetup here.

If not, that’s cool too — hopefully I’ll get a video out of it, if all goes smooth.

Mailing lists 101

Ahead of the event, I wanted to make sure everyone who attends has their basics down. This means you at least have a free Mailchimp account, and know where to send people who want to sign up so you can start building your list. I made these two videos to walk you through that part, in case you’re new to this. That way we have more time tomorrow to talk about the FUN stuff!

Basics 1 (your first mailchimp account)

Basics 2 (signup forms)

The crash course

With the basics established, my talk tomorrow will be focused on how to use your mailing list to your advantage. Here’s an incomplete list of topics we’ll cover, depending how things go…

  • The 3 main uses for author newsletters
    1. Engagement (Old-school newsletter)
    2. Direct sales
    3. Development (ARC readers/beta readers)
  • Reader magnets
  • Automations
  • Segmentation
  • Calls-to-action
  • Grow your list
  • Make fans
  • Mailing list software options
  • ???????? (questions from the audience)

That’s about it. If there’s any questions you have about mailing lists for authors, leave it in the comments and I’ll respond there as well.