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Paperbacks: Now Made in Canada!

I discovered while catching up on publishing news at The Digital Reader
that KDP Print is now making print-on-demand books in Canada.

And since that's who makes and ships the paperbacks of my books, that means that my readers in Canada now get some extra perks when they order my paperbacks from Amazon:

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An Orchestra of Exoplanets

This is the story seed for every space opera novel ever written, from George Lucas' Star Wars to the milieu of Iain Banks' Culture novels. (Guess what I'm reading right now.) How many of these exoplanets are actually habitable? How many are orbited by habitable moons?

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Halloween Horror Story: “Wendigo” by M.G. Herron

After years of digging, anthropology student Blake Meier is about to strike pay dirt.

If all goes well, an interview with the Navajo chief will complete his doctoral thesis. It may also lead to the discovery of a lifetime.

But his advisor, Dr. Samarjit Chambers, has his own agenda. And unbeknownst to either of them, hidden horrors lurk in the ancient petroglyph they both lust after.

To what lengths will Blake go to satisfy his own desires?

“Wendigo,” by bestselling author M.G. Herron, is free on this website for one week only. The story’s also available as an ebook or paperback through Amazon.

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Getting old stories out of the house

"You grow a whole lot more as a writer by getting old stories out of the house and letting new ones come in and live with you until they grow up and are ready to go. Don't let the old ones stay there and grow fat and cranky and eat all the food out of the refrigerator. You have dozens of generations of stories inside you, but the only way to make room for the new ones is to write the old ones and mail them off."

– Orson Scott Card, How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy

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