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Author: M.G. Herron

M.G. Herron is a science fiction author and content strategist based in Austin, TX. Learn more about him, read his thrilling science fiction adventure novels, or follow him on Facebook. When he's not making up imaginative stories, he's either consulting with startups on their content strategy, or enjoying life at home with his wife, Shelly, and their dog, Elsa.

5 Beautifully Illustrated Pulp-Era Science Fiction Stories

Copyright is a double-edged sword. On the first edge, it's amazing that after a certain amount of time, and under certain circumstances, every book, every story, every beautiful creature of the imagination that was ever created will enter the public domain, from which point they will be forever free for all to enjoy at no cost.

Dancing on the other edge of the blade, when it comes to classic SF stories from now defunct genre magazines, even when the stories are out of copyright they are often hard to find, expensive to obtain (in terms of time or money), and rarely available in a modern digital reading experience (phone, tablet, ereader, etc.)

With one exception.

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The Highlander TV series from 1992 is on Prime

I stumbled across the Highlander tv series from 1992 on Amazon Prime. Title sequence music by QUEEN and starring that ponytail wearing dude Adrian Paul and his lovely lady Alexandra Vandernoot.

Man, that opening scene is cheesy, but something about it sucks me in. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE. Immortals waging a secret war for immortality with their swords... The battle of good against evil...

And the truest part is...

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6 Impactful Science Fiction Novels of the Twentieth Century

I've long been a fan of classic science fiction novels. There's something ineffable about a book that sticks with generation after generation of new readers. It's the closest thing we have to time travel, and the stories that have aged well are worth remembering, and even revisiting from time to time.

This guest post from Emmanual Nataf, co-founder of author services marketplace Reedsy, reviews six of the most impactful science fiction novels of the 20th century from a 2019 point of view.

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