Paperbacks: Now Made in Canada!

I discovered while catching up on publishing news at The Digital Reader
that KDP Print is now manufacturing print-on-demand books in Canada.

Since that’s who makes and ships my paperbacks, my readers in Canada now get some extra perks when they order my books from Amazon.

According to the press release, the improvements are twofold:

  1. Faster shipping to readers in Canada. Hurray!
  2. FREE Two-Day Shipping for Prime Members. Ohhhhhlala.

On my side, KDP also introduced better price controls with this change, so I’ve taken the opportunity to lower the CAD prices to a normal range. (Previously this wasn’t possible.)

Now Canadian prices for my paperbacks books range from $7 (novella) to $30 (the doorstopper Translocator 1-3 omnibus edition). Novels are $10 or $15, depending on length.

So if you’re in Canada—especially if you have Amazon Prime—what are you waiting for? Books make great stocking stuffers and birthday presents. Here are links to all my full-length paperbacks in the store.


The Auriga Project

The Auriga Project on Amazon CA → ($10)

The Alien Element

The Alien Element on Amazon CA → ($15)

The Ares Initiative

The Ares Initiative on Amazon CA → ($15)

The Republic

The Republic on Amazon CA → ($15)



Wendigo on Amazon CA → ($7)


Boys & Their Monsters: Post-Apocalyptic Stories

Boys & Their Monsters on Amazon CA → ($10)

The Translocator_Ebook_B1-Subtitle-1700px 2500px

The Translocator (Books 1-3 Omnibus) on Amazon CA → ($30)

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