Around the world, around the world

Well, that was fun! Yesterday I shared 5 Illustrated Pulp-Era Sci-Fi Stories with my email list and in 24 hours, 350+ people from all over the world came to read the stories.

Here’s the geographic distribution of page visits on the day of the email.


Readers from twenty-seven countries coming to read public domain pulp-era sci-fi stories… Now that just makes me smile.

The views on that day yconcentrated in the US (473 views) as I’d expect, followed by the UK (79), Australia (18), South Africa (15), Netherlands (14), Canada (10), France (8), India (8), and on down the list from there. I see similar numbers reflected in my book sales so this all tracks. Still super fun to see other people enjoying the same stuff I do 😁.

Those of you that sent me emails back or left comments — thank you. Love hearing from you. I tried to respond to everyone. Have a good night and happy reading!