Translocator audiobook and new sci-fi series coming in 2019

Thoughtful MG Herron

Feeling thoughtful today as I make plans for new books and reflect on the fact that it’s DECEMBER already. Can you believe it? This year has been so full that time seems to have flown by at 2x speed.

Yet the future is bright where there are fun new stories to read and lovable old characters to meet again. So here’s what I’ve got planned for 2019. It’s going to be another full year–one that I’m very excited about because I’ve been working on these projects for a long time, and my favorite thing in the world is to see them in your hands.

January 2019

The Translocator releases in audiobook format this January from Podium Publishing, narrated by the wonderful Tess Irondale.

When the audiobook comes out, I’ll also be releasing matching ebook and omnibus print editions.

I get to reveal the lovely cover for this project very soon!

Spring/Summer 2019

The Gunn Files, a new sci-fi mystery series will be launched in the spring or summer of 2019. I’ve got 2.5 books written so far, and 6 planned in the series. I’m planning them in advance so that there’s less delay between each book release. This is the longest I’ve ever held onto a finished book, so I’m very eager to share it with you. But I also know that I’m playing the long game, so that I can continue writing stories for many years to come, and that it’s more important to do the launch right than to do it soon.

SFF Book Club

Weekly emails with sci-fi book recommendations and deals will continue in 2019. Though initially launched as an experiment in February 2018, judging by the dozens of comments and emails I’ve received, and the data I’ve seen, the recommendations are a hit. I’ve also learned a ton about what kind of books you like, and improved my own copywriting skills so that the books are clearly and succinctly explained, and that the actual value of that story is conveyed to the best of my ability.

Reader responses also indicate an opportunity to add fantasy books to the lineup, which I will do with pleasure.

Not signed up. Join the SFF Book Club here.

2020 and beyond

Late next year or 2020, the path will be clear for me to take on a military sci-fi series I’ve been planning. It’s about a talented young pilot and his squad of misfit friends. They’re out on the galaxy’s frontier, at the edge of the colonized worlds, fighting an innumerable alien foe in an endless war. I’ve got that series mapped out to 3 books already, in general terms. Project codename: Starfighter.

Finally, and this isn’t something I talk about often, but I’ve got several short stories on submission with various markets. I’m looking for magazines with large readerships or popular curated anthologies to put them in. I’ve got both science fiction and fantasy stories completed.

If you’ve read this far, let me know which of these projects you’re most excited about!


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    MG your updated site is spectacular. 2019 is looking pretty exciting content wise. Keep doing your thing sir.

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