Jab jab jab…

Knocking out one thing after another this weekend. It began with a bunch of personal errands yesterday. I reported to jury duty for the first time, picked out a (crappy) new healthcare plan for 2018 (they’re getting so expensive), and took my car to the shop for an oil change and checkup. The Wrangler needs more work, unfortunately, but I’m hoping it’ll be covered by Jeep as a known issue.

Then today was writing and other not-very-exciting business and marketing stuff. The fun part came when I started putting together the ebook edition of Boys & Their Monsters, for which I need to write a proper introduction this week.

This book is just a collection of short stories but it also feels like a milestone. My first collection of shorts in very specific genre, all with a similar authorial voice and tone, even while having unique characters and situations in each story.

Three years ago, a book like that was nothing but an outline in the fog. Now, it’s a technicolor vision.

I should have the cover to share with you soon. The book won’t take long to publish, if I get my act together and write that intro this week.

Glad to have caught up on a lot of stuff this weekend that, while not necessarily urgent, was weighing on my mind. Feels good to have a lot of it out of the way.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got less than a month to publish a collection and finish writing a novel. Stay tuned.

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