Save Net Neutrality!

Photo taken outside of the Mexicarte Museum. (Aug. 2017, Austin, TX)

Todos son bienvenidos. All are welcome.

Or all should be.

The news coming from Trump’s FCC puppet proposing to end Net Neutrality are not unexpected, but they are still infuriating.

The internet is a great leveler, an innovation machine, an infinite resource, a tool, and a way to stay connected.

It has changed my life, and I firmly believe that it belongs to everyone.

We must demand that open internet access be maintained.

What Ajit Pai is proposing we do by revoking Title II is put the power to control access to the internet in the hands of the government and giant corporations who don’t have your best interests at heart. If Ajit Pai has his way, ISPs will be able to throttle or block content and services as they choose. They’ll be able to jack up your rates, too.

“The FCC has confirmed that they will vote on 12/14 to abolish the regulations that prevent internet service providers from blocking access to certain sites, throttling internet speeds, and otherwise controlling what websites and online services are available to their customers.” Source:

We can’t let it happen. Don’t let them end Net Neutrality.

There has not been a single greater threat to free speech this year.

If our voices are cut off by giving control of internet access over to the hands of the few, that will mark the beginning of a long dark road.

Speak up. Call your representatives using I know I will be.

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