M.G. Herron

Belly full of cake

Shelly and I did a cake tasting tonight, for the wedding in March. I’m so full of cake! It was delicious. Wonderful flavors like peaches and cream, and blueberry bourbon, and all sorts of chocolatey caramel deliciousness. The caterers we found are very talented.

As for my writing projects, I’m making solid daily progress on Translocator 3. Up to 41k words now, past the halfway mark and into the third act (of four). I’m at the “shut up and type faster” phase, which is a great place to be because I’m not worrying about the words so much, just trying to get them down as fast as possible.

Meanwhile, I’m daydreaming about a sci-fi mystery series I’ve decided that I will one day soon create. Taking notes on that, since I don’t want to get distracted by starting a new project in the middle of another one. The new ideas will be 2018 slate for sure.