Sometimes writing is thinking

Today was mostly life stuff — groceries, cutting the grass, seeing friends, cooking food. Good food, too. The steak and lemon risotto we made for dinner was absolutely delicious.

I did find a little time to write. The first part of that was spent doing distance and speed calculations for the logistical problem I stumbled upon on Translocator 3 yesterday. The second part was spent staring off into space wondering how I was going to fix it.

Sometimes thinking is writing. And in this case it certainly was because I seemed to have backed myself into a corner.

But eventually I figured out a good solution. I fixed it as I went through the first three chapters. Now things are moving quickly again. There will be more dialogue to tweak near where I left off at chapter 9, but that should do the trick.

Reading the story on paper is fun and I find myself getting sucked into it as a reader. Definitely a good sign.

I ended up adding about 500 words today.

More tomorrow.

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