One of those days…

Well shit, today was just one of those days where it seemed like everything was going against me.

Got locked out of a password tool this morning due to a stupid auto-fill by the OTHER password tool. Lost 30 minutes there trying to get back in. No luck.

Then something in my standing desk electronics got messed up, so the desk will only move down now. *sigh* Lost 15 minutes trying to fix that and then gave up. Still need to look into it.

And tonight the overhead interior light in my Jeep Wrangler got stuck on. As in, won’t turn off when I’m driving. Instead of going to write (like I was trying to do), I spent an hour trouble shooting that before just pulling the damn fuse for the overhead light. Guess I’ll be taking the jeep into the shop in the morning.

And on top of it all I only did like 250 words this morning because I had to finish up the section of fence we started, rip out the rest of the chainlink fence around that side of the house, and then do as much client work as I could fit in.

Even though I did get some stuff done, it feels like a wasted day when the world’s against you like that.

I’ve still got to finish a writing workshop tonight. Only 100 words on that so far and I need 300 minimum. I can manage 200 words. Then I’ll troubleshoot the desk for fifteen minutes before I call it.

Tomorrow’s another day, thank the gods.

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