Busy Saturday

Spent the first part of today reading and writing. Doing sprints online with a writer friend, I managed 1200 words on Translocator 3 and even got to the gym before 1pm.

Then, after lunch, I did some marketing for my books—setting up new advertising and making images to use in some of the ads. Here’s one of them, as an example (these are for BookBub ads).

The Auriga Project ad

And lastly, my dad and I are replacing the chainlink fence at my house with a wooden fence. So he came over, we ripped out some of the chainlink, and then went to Home Depot and got supplies to start building the new fence tomorrow. Metal posts, cedar planks, quick-dry cement, screws and fasteners.

I’ve never built a fence before, so this is going to be an adventure 😀 Fortunately my dad is good with construction projects and he has a plan.

So plenty of work ahead of me in the next couple days. On the bright side, I’m at a great place with Translocator 3 so the words are coming fast and easy and I should have no problem maintaining this pace. At this rate, (knock on wood) I should be done the first draft by mid-December and be able to send it to my editor before the end of the year.

And the fence much sooner than that!

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