Fridays are backwards

Every day my first priority is to get some fiction words done, except Fridays when I do it backwards and write in the afternoon.

So today I did freelance stuff first. I’m still feeling crappy, stuffed up with a head cold, but I grabbed some coffee and got to it straight away.

That went good for a couple hours. Quick break to walk the dogs, then another three hours of work. Ended with a phone call around 2pm.

Next, I drove to a coffee shop where I met two other writers to work for a few more hours, this time on the novel in progress. That’s why Fridays are backwards—writing with company.

It’s worth going out of my way for. One of the guys that shows up to the Friday meetings is a good friend and we act as accountability partners for each other. It’s good to have someone to talk to about story problems and hang ups, and share progress with to motivate each other.

He and I also happen to write similar genres and have a similar writing process, which is rare enough to worth pointing out. No two writers are the same. It’s lucky to be able to talk to someone who writes like you. They just get it.

I like my backwards Fridays. Makes the last day of the week different enough to be interesting. Keeps my on my toes. And writers may work alone, but they’re better together.

Now I’m back at home, clearing my stuffy head with theraflu. My tolerant fiancé has made lasagna for dinner (smells delicious).

An otherwise uneventful but productive Friday. I’m going to fire up the most recent episode The Orville as my reward.

Here’s a photo of Elsa pup for you. Enjoy your weekend!

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