Deep in writing mode

I'm deep in writing mode now, so my mind is a million miles away.

Spent this week outlining two novels, including Translocator 3, and brainstorming ideas and writing backstory for the post-apocalyptic short stories.

The two novel outlines are coming together nicely. And I got 500 words today on a brand new story. Nothing is done, but all my projects are once again in motion.

I'll admit, the novels are more exciting to me, and I know they'll perform better in the stores. But the short stories are good practice and I like doing them. So I'm having my cake and eating it, too. I'll write short stories for the rest of August while I plot the novels.


This is the important work, the writing. Everything follows. More books is what I need. Many, many more books.

I'd like to have one or two more books out before the year is through. The guaranteed one of those is the post-apoc short story collection I've had on my project board for months. The longshot is Translocator 3.

You never know. I'll try to stay focused on work and stay motivated. Holler at me if you find me in the local coffee shop, staring intently into the bright rectangle.

Don't be offended if I don't answer. Chances are my mind is a million miles away.

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