White space

Finally hit white space on the cowriting project

I’ve been plotting and world building and revising the cowriting novel project for the past 4 weeks, ever since I turned in The Alien Element. Yesterday, I got to the end of revisions and hit white space.

And today I got to write new words.

It’s like emerging from a dense forest into a sunny glade. I can breathe again!

I love writing on the whole, but revising is my least favorite part. That’s why I’m a planner for the longer stuff. I make a plan and execute on the plan. Rather than a pantser who may find the story in multiple drafts, I prefer to get it right the first time…or at least as close to right as possible.

Because I hate revising.

In my experience, revisions are the most time consuming and least enjoyable part of writing. So the process I follow is all about removing revisions from the process to the furthest extent possible.

It’s not always possible, I admit. But I’ve found that with proper planning I can at least minimize the number of tedious, time consuming revisions I must do. The proof of this is that the longer I write, the more planning I do and the less revision is required. The proof of this is that each new book takes me less time to write than the last.

So I’m excited to have hit white space on this project. I estimate that I have to write another 18,000 or so words to reach the end of the book.

The new short term goal to motivate me will be to get it done by the end of July. I’ll aim for 1000 words a day so I have some padding.

Got my 1000 today, so that’s a start.


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