AMA Q7: Which of your characters had the most depth. Is the most real.

(As a reminder, this is a question I received in my first blog-style Ask Me Anything.)

Michael Bunker asks, “Which of your characters had the most depth. Is the most real. Could you see producing works developing the life and journey of this character.”

Eliana Fisk is probably the character I’ve developed with the most depth. She’s an action hero, but her emotional journey and how her relationships change with the people around her as she learns more and more about the mystery of Kakul, gives her a lot of depth.

She’s a fully fleshed out, complex character, with real passion and love, resentment and determination, and even a bit of tragedy to her.

Her and her husband, Amon, came into my imagination together. You can’t take one without the other, but Eliana is central to the series. Always will be.

I can’t wait to explore her journey more in the third book of the Translocator Trilogy, which I plan to write this fall.

At the end of the trilogy, she’ll be a very different person than who she was when she started out on this crazy intergalactic adventure.

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