The July challenge

I want to start writing Translocator 3 on August 1st, the same day The Alien Element (Translocator 2) is published.

That gives me 42 days — the rest of June and  all of July — to do the following on the publishing side:

  • Format and publish a sci fi short story called Not Alone
  • Format and update The Auriga Project with a new cover and updated blurb
  • Format and publish The Alien Element with the cover I revealed yesterday
  • (And do all the associated marketing for this new stuff!)

But more importantly, that’s 42 days to do all this on the writing side:

  • Finish a cowriting project, a sci-fi novel that is halfway done
  • Write 4 post apocalyptic/sci-fi short stories for the collection whose working title is Boys and Their Monsters.

My 2017 goal to publish something new every month will be met if I can do all this in July.

If I keep some of the short stories on the shorter side (3-5k or even less as opposed to my typical 6-10k), this should be no problem. I typically average 1000 words a day. With 42 days, that’s 30k reserved for the novel and 12k left for four short stories. No problem. If I can hit the targets. 😛

I’m going to focus, too, on cutting all distraction out of my productive writing time. I write every day as naturally as breathing, but I tend to be easily distracted. Breaking that habit won’t easy but I know it will worth doing.

Even if I’m late, I can still meet my one story per month goal. This was by design. Let’s say it takes me until mid August to get all that stuff done. Well, so what? I’ll still be left holding four new stories and a novel, enough for the rest of the year and then some. And enough time to write one more book to round out the Translocator Trilogy before the year is up.

* grins maniacally *

* cackles like a cartoon villain *

So that’s my July challenge. Can I do it? Or is it too much? I’m sharing this in the hopes that maybe you guys can help keep me accountable. Cheer from the sidelines every once in a while. Throw tomatoes. I won’t dance, but I’ll throw them back at you.

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