Yesterday was interesting…

Yesterday I realized I’m actually farther into Translocator 2 than I thought I was.

My 98k goal was probably wrong? (That’s a question because I am not sure of anything.) But it doesn’t matter anymore?

This is awkward.

I talked it through with some writers I trust and decided to break up with my plot for the ending. It actually won’t change things that much. Just need to rejig the ending, plant a few clues earlier on, and sprinkle them throughout the book. I’ve been working on revising the outline of the last few chapters most of this morning.

It’s super fast-paced now. I finally feel close to the ending, and confident in carrying on even though I know there are some things that need to be fixed in the first half of the book.

That’s the funny thing about writing a novel. It’s too much to hold in my head at once, so I rely on my instincts. Over the past two weeks, my instincts were right to be telling me that something felt wrong up ahead.

Now I can see why.

The rejig necessitated some research, which I’ll share with you soon. It’s about the possibility of a lunar nuclear reactor. For me, fun stuff.

OK, that’s it for now, time to get typing.


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