Translocator 2 in progress

Here’s a snapshot of Translocator 2 in progress. Still don’t have a proper title for it, or chapter names, but I’m at 30k words and cranking onward into act two. The plot I shared two weeks ago is keeping me on track, and I’ve had a handful of 2,000+ word days—those are big for me.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to show my work here without showing my hand, if you know what I mean. I have no problem with blogging rough stuff if it’s nonfiction, but fiction is harder.

There’s a fear lurking in this area called perfectionism. More than that, though, it’s about preserving the magic of story. If I put rough chapters on the blog, I rub off some of the magic.

I also don’t want to be attached to anything yet. Any passage, any sentence, any chapter could be cut away at any moment. I need the freedom to do the cutting.

I’m deep in creative voice, and it would be foolish to invite criticism right now. I’ve tried that before. It kills the momentum, let me tell you.

But I still want to show my work, because it’s fun to follow along, and writing is a lot of being alone, sitting in this chair and typing—solitary. It’s great for a while, then fine for a time, then really dull for a stretch before being great again.

Let’s try this instead—snapshots of the work-in-progress:

Translocator 2, Chapter 5 (ROUGH DRAFT)
Part of Chapter 5 with the outline on the left. Color coded by point-of-view.
4-15-17 wordcount and target
My word count as of 4/15/17

If you’re on Twitter, I post daily wordcounts, too, plus thoughts on writing and other science fiction and fantasy inspired stuff.

(Those wallpaper photos are from Unsplash, by the way.)

In case you missed it, The science fiction novel that started the trilogy I’m working on is called The Auriga Project. Read a sample here:


There’s also Tales of the Republic, a dystopian sci-fi thriller which is being serialized right now:

Episode 1: Stolen Choices

Episode 2: Lost Memories

Episode 3: Perilous Journey

Episode 4: High Crimes

Episode 5: Reluctant Rebel

Coming soon…

Episode 6: Early Warning

Episode 7: Killer Cause

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