Prepping for some book sales events

I love doing local readings and bookselling events. The next is coming up on April 29th at Lake Travis Spring Fest just outside of Austin, so I ordered some books and have been slowly getting ready for the event.

I enjoy these kinds of events partly because I love bookstores and have always wanted to run a bookstore of my own. Seriously, I am crazy about bookstores. I seek them out everywhere I go. I’ll be in Portland this weekend and if I’m within a ten block radius of Powells it will draw me in like a space ship of intrepid explorers to an ultradense black hole. So bookselling events, especially one like I have been invited to join next weekend, is like having a bookstore for a day. Hell of a lot of fun for me.

Since I’ve become cognizant of how bad my sales setup was for past book events (I’ve done 3 or 4, I think), I went out and got some bookstands and price tags for a better setup, and supplies for DIY bookmarks so people who drop by can make their own bookmarks and carry something away with them. Who knows, a little personal touch might help draw the crowd in.

Speaking of drawing people in, it has recently dawned upon me that writing is a retail business. Given my fetish for bookstores OMG IS THAT A HARDBACK FIRST EDITION OF—


Given my fetish for bookstores, you’d think the full implications of that would have struck me sooner. How a good store is warm and welcoming and always open, how they keep the shelves stocked and fresh inventory rotating through. Now that I have several books for sale my shelves are more “full” (I’d still barter with Beelzebub to have 12 more novels under my belt). I’ve got some fresh inventory lined up for this year (just 2 more full novels in 2017, alas. No barter deal with satanic figures available), and more in production.

It’ll be great to have a chance to talk to readers and maybe make a new fan or two. I always learn something new and it’s interesting talking to people about the books they like. Plus it’s good practice—selling books, that is. I don’t just want to write books, I want to sell a bunch too. In person events teach me how to how to sell my books better. I’ve sold a lot of things over the years. Bagels, pitas, baby chimeras, river trips, websites, and the occasional Soul of an Innocent.

Selling novels is a different mountain to climb, though. I’m learning.

If you’re in the area, stop by Spring Fest and say hi.

Portland Bound

Meanwhile, I’m getting on a plane to Portland today. Don’t know why I always think about blogging when I travel, but I do.

Sometimes it feels like I measure my life by the intervals between trips.

I’m ready for a little adventure. It’s a family holiday, but it will be relaxing and fun. I’ll try to grab some good photos!


On the plane now. I wrote the first half of this blog on my phone when I couldn’t sleep last night. Always have trouble getting to sleep the night before a trip, too.

See you soon, west coasters!

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