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So if you’ve been following this blog or my writing with any regularity you know that I am absolutely shit at publishing on a schedule. I am usually pretty successful at writing every day but my publishable output is nowhere near regular.

All the same, this website gets 10-30 visits a day and I feel that by not posting I’m letting my readers–letting you–down. You want the next translocator book. I hear you. You want more fantasy. I HEAR you. My instinct is usually “what do they care what I think?” And so I don’t write, but that’s the wrong impulse for a writer who earns his bread telling other people what he thinks. That’s the everything.

So I’m going to make an infrequent habit right now that will hopefully rectify some of my recent failures with publishing schedules and commit to blogging regularly.

I can’t promise the blogs will be well edited. Some will be. Others will be off the cuff, random, scattered, whatever. The important thing for writing in this particular venue is to make it easy. To lower the barrier of entry. To make it not so ducking precious all the time.

And yes, as you can see from the autocorrect, I absofuckinglutely will be writing these on my phone. Because I have the damn thing with me all the time and I might as well use it for something good.

I will not be committing to a schedule yet. Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt. It says “you suck.” This is a binary decision. Do you want to blog? Please select Y/N.


There’s one more crutch I want to give myself to make regular blogging easy, and that’s a repeatable format. So yeah, sometimes I’m going to publish well thought out, beautifully edited prose. Occasionally I will rant about stupid people or politics (and sometimes those will be the same thing.)

And other times I’m just going to post variations on a previously established structure that’s based on my daily routine and the projects I have going on at the moment — a half dozen of which are always up in the air. The projects will rotate as I work on them, complete them, promote them, and put them away.

This blog post is called “Writing Out Loud” because I want it to be raw and uncut, stream of consciousness, exactly what I’m thinking with no self editing.

If not, it’s simple. Each subtitle below the intro represents a project I’m working on. It will go something like this:


What I did today, if it doesn’t bore me. Today I worked at a coffee shop, then at Coworking Space, then at home. The I watched Stranger Things with Shelly. If you haven’t heard of the new Netflix show, it’s good. Maybe I’ll write more about it in other blogs.

Tales of the Republic

I turned the rough draft of this complete novel into my editor last week!

Short Stories

I’m taking a short story workshop. Doing it with a friend, another writer, which is good because he challenges me. I’m on week 2 and completed my short story assignment several days early. THAT feels great. Remember what I said about publishing schedules?

The day job

In my day job I’m a freelancer content strategist — a writer and marketer for small businesses and startups. I don’t want to use anyone’s name but if there’s something interesting I might mention it.

Okay that’s all. Had to get that out there. Don’t expect fancy images in these things, or political correctness, or good grammar. This is Writing Out Loud, raw and uncut. Comments are open if you want to give me a hard time or just say what’s up.

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