The Indie Author Society Launches!

Indie Author Society logoI finished another story this past Sunday (a fantasy), making that 3 complete stories in 3 weeks, plus half of a short story from the week before the workshop assignments kicked into high gear.

Haven’t been writing much since then because my parents arrived Monday night to visit for the week. Spending time with them, keeping up with client work, and putting the final touches on the Indie Author Society website have pretty much filled my schedule—plus making sure I get enough exercise (10k steps a day on the FitBit) to keep myself sane and my body happy.

It’s nice to be able to finish a story and then let go for a few days to focus on other thing. But it’s also somehow stressful at the same time. I’ve trained myself for so long that productivity == new words. when I’m not producing new words (even when it’s scheduled and on purpose), I still feel like a failure.

It’s not a loss, though, I’m sure of that. I figured out some plotting issues for Translocator 2 by talking to a smart friend on Monday morning. And it’s also given me some time to reflect on the feedback I’ve received on my short stories, which I’ll have more thoughts on at after the workshop is over and I’m evaluating next steps. I’ll post all about my experience in the workshop when it ends in a couple weeks.

The Indie Author Society Launches!

Indie Author Society websiteFor now, I’d like to share what I’ve been working on for the Indie Author Society!

The new website is ready, and tomorrow I’m going to launch the membership site officially.

For those of you that haven’t been following along: this is the brand new website (with forums, over a dozen talks on writing a publishing, and an lists of freelance resources for indie authors) for the Meetup group that I’ve been running for the last year and a half.

In July, I decided to change the name (from “Indie Publishing Austin” to “Indie Author Society”), rebrand, and relaunch with a new website. During the past month and a half, my time has been filled with laying the groundwork, which consisted of building that spiffy new website and running a couple really awesome Meetup events here in Austin.

By all measures it’s been a success, and I have high hopes for the future. There’s a lot to be done for indie authors, and an organization that supports the cause and waves the indie banner in the US is sorely needed.

To all those who have supported the Meetup since its inception, and especially to those who hopped in on the presale, thank you so much. This is a valuable resource that will continue to grow, and it wouldn’t be possible without you.

To everyone else, head over to and check it out. We have 4 free hour long talks for you to enjoy, plus the free forums, and if you sign up for membership you’ll get access to the private forums, resource lists, and the full archive of talks, plus a lot more goodness coming down the line.

If you’re not a writer, would you find your writer friends and tell them about it instead? The biggest challenge right now is just getting the word out about the awesome community and inviting people in.

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