Happy 2nd Birthday to My Little Monster, Elsa

Today is Elsa’s second birthday (or as close as the rescue center could approximate her birthday), so I thought I would celebrate by sharing my favorite puppy photos of this little monster with you.

Elsa tiny pup
Elsa was found on the street with her sister. She had to be bottle fed for the first few weeks.

Elsa as a puppy

The first day we brought her home, at about 8 weeks old (October 2014).

Elsa Pup
You can’t tell from this photo, but she was a handful during the first couple of months.
Elsa Pup
Left: Elsa at about eight or twelve weeks. Right: Elsa at a year.
Elsa and Lexi
Elsa and my mom’s dog, Lexi, sticking together, as friends do.
elsa pup 06
She is totally awake right now.
elsa pup 11
I tell you, this dog’s got a ruff life.
elsa pup 05
Elsa and I in front of our perfectly pitched tent at the South Llano River State Park.
elsa pup 04
Texting her bitches.
elsa pup 10
Nice bandanna.
elsa pup 09
Cheesing for the family photo. That’s my dad, my mom, and Shelly.
Elsa Pup and Matt napping
Elsa and I, napping on the old couch.

And finally, a video of Elsa attacking the hose.

Elsa vs hose

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Happy birthday, little monster!

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