Storytelling of The Future with Tucker Max

I listened to Self-Publishing And The Bookstrapper’s Guide To Book Marketing With Tucker Max yesterday, and something Tucker Max said about the storytelling of the future, and how exciting it is to be alive right now keeps echoing in my head. Check it out:

tuckermax-circle-face“It’s so funny. People don’t realize… People are like, there are no more great poets. And I look at them and I’m like, what are you talking about? Some of the greatest poets who have ever lived are alive today and creating art. They’re called rappers.

People are like, all the great novelists are gone. And I’m like, some of the best storytelling that’s ever existed is coming out now, and they’re called video game editors.. or story editors for video games. Some of the best, greatest, most amazing creatives just have different names and they’re operating in different mediums.

So if you think about poetry going from T.S. Eliot to Eminem, that transition is going to happen in books. We’re going to go from George R.R. Martin to.. whatever, we don’t know what the next person is going to do, but it’s going to be someone who can create incredible universes in their head and then translate them into a medium that is comprehensive and inclusive of all human senses.

Oculus Rift is a perfect example. If you’re a great storyteller, or a great fiction writer, especially if you’re young or not getting a lot of traction in books, why don’t you go team up with some programmers? I’ve never met an engineer who can tell a fucking story. So you team up with an engineer who is designing things for Oculus Rift—they’re gonna need story and story is hard and story is difficult and it’s a very distinct skill.”

He didn’t finish the thought. What he meant to say was, if you can write a story that can be used by the engineers making Oculus Rift, you may not be called a novelist, but you’ll still be a great storyteller who created an incredible world, inclusive of all human senses. That’s the storytelling of the future.

So maybe you’re writing a book, and you want to be an author, or a poet, or whatever… but don’t count out the possibilities in other mediums. Technology today makes so many new things possible.

There are indie authors out there now releasing audiobooks in tandem with their print and ebook releases, but if you ask me (and probably Tucker), that’s really just the beginning of what’s to come in the very near, very real future.

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