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The Auriga Project

Ripped from Earth by a horrifying translocation accident, Eliana Fisk finds herself stranded on a strange planet whose denizens want her as a human sacrifice.

Meanwhile, her inventor husband, Amon, whose revolutionary but controversial machine is responsible for launching Eliana into the great unknown, desperately  scours the stars to find his wife and rescue her from this terrifying alien threat.

Can Eliana survive on a hostile world long enough for Amon to find her?  She’ll have to win over its ancient inhabitants—and their barbaric, controlling gods. But that won’t be easy on a planet that values blood and violence over technology and space travel.

The Auriga Project is a gripping juxtaposition of cultures and creatures in the tradition of sci-fi classics. It’s also an intergalactic race against the clock that follows one Earthling’s desperate fight for survival and another’s tireless quest to bring her home alive.

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Reader Reviews

“I ended up staying up past 3:00 a.m. finishing this story – its pacing, plotting, characterization, and descriptions all stand out. The author’s adaptation of an ancient New World culture for use in a setting ‘in a galaxy far, far away’ is imaginative, and as this is the first novel of a trilogy, implies further connections between the story world and the actual historical society. Nicely done! Can’t wait to read the second and third books.”

“A love story, action adventure and archeological history all rolled into one magnificent read. Well written with an interesting cast of characters.”

The Auriga Project is a fascinating page turner from beginning to end. I thoroughly enjoyed it and intend to read more by this gifted storyteller.”