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The Alien Element (Translocator Trilogy Book Two)


On Kakul, Rakulo scours the Wall for a way to free his people from centuries of subjugation. On Earth, Eliana searches Mayan ruins for clues to the origins of Kakul, and Amon is brought under investigation when an intruder in his lab is murdered.

The intruder seemed to be after the carbonado, the powerful black meteorite that stranded Eliana on that other world. Although the motives of those who sent him remain obscured, his disfigured body says all that Amon needs to hear.

Rakulo’s mission, Eliana’s search, and Amon’s troubles collide when the god known as Xucha captures the carbonado and uses its power to entangle the destinies of the two worlds.

This sets off a chain of events that drive Eliana back to Kakul, where she begins to unravel an ancient alien mystery.

About The Alien Element

The Alien Element is a gripping science fiction novel with complex characters, action-packed adventure, and interstellar travel. This sci-fi thriller promises to keep you flipping pages long into the night.