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Tales of the Republic

A near future science fiction adventure story set in an overpopulated, warn-torn Republic. Parts 1 and 2 are listed below. Pars 3 – 7, which will complete the story, are a work in progress. This has been my big project for this year, and hope to have it done in the first half of 2017. I occasionally post updates on progress in the blog. Check back soon!

Part One: Stolen Choices

During a hunger riot in the city of Enshi, Commissioner Kai Ming finally has a chance to make a difference. Will he do his job, or do what’s right by the people?

Reader Reviews

“Herron conjures a stark view of the future with unexpected twists that has me eagerly awaiting the sequel.”

“Reads fast and has some action scenes, but still manages to thoughtfully incorporate the troubling themes of poverty and corruption. Well done, and I’ll definitely read another by this author.”


Part Two: Lost Memories

An army-trained Slovakian expat wakes in an underground facility in the Republic of Sichuan with no memory of the last twelve years. One battle rages overhead, another in his room–for his saviors won’t let him leave.

Reader Reviews

“A slightly dark thriller that’s engaging on its own and makes for a great read you can get through in one sitting. I really enjoyed how it built on the universe of the Republic of Sichuan and had me rereading the first story in the series with a new context and more background on what used to be minor characters.”

“Fast read but still satisfying. A little blood & guts, some political conflict, and cool technology – what’s not to like?”